How To Increase Google AdSense CPC In Nigeria

Google AdSense is that the best discourse publicity network at once. it’s the supply of revenue for thus several bloggers around the world. Google pay AdSense publishers supported clicks and Impression.

CPC is that the most vital issue if your blog’s main substantiation issue is Google AdSense. CPC stands for price per click. it’s the number of cash that you just get for each click.

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The higher your CPC, a lot of revenue you get from Google AdSense. However, numerous bloggers get the terribly low price per click (Less than $0.05). Having a value per click but $0.05 daily? you’re not alone. numerous alternative bloggers square measure passing through the constant challenge. Generally, price Per Click (CPC) in Nigeria is extremely low. However, there square measure bound ways which will assist you to boost your CPC.

Why is my AdSense CPC low?


    1. Geography – The prices of mobile phones vary around the world. therefore do the costs of clicks. If your journal targets AN audience in an exceedingly country wherever clicks square measure low-cost, your costs-per-click can suffer consequently.
    2. Niche – Sometimes your audience simply doesn’t convert. Or click. Or see the ads in the least as a result of they use ad-blockers religiously. Also, some niches have lower average CPCs that others. whereas real-estate blogs would possibly get pleasure from comparatively high CPCs, gambling blogs tend to suffer a lot of from low CPCs.
    3. Programmatic media buys – Programmatic shopping for could be a remunerative chance for advertisers. therefore some big enchilada square measure swimming far away from Google AdWords. To high that, algorithm-based RTB lets brands get a lot of bang for his or her buck, that leaves a lot of lower-paying ads for you.
    4. Mobile – I don’t get to tell you the way abundant traffic comes from mobile. Odds are, you’re reading this on a mobile device. otherwise, you arrived through a notification on your mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile friendly enough? Google can cause you to pay in CPC values, not simply SERPs.
    5. Video – Video ads square measure all the craze, however, they’re an ambiguous blade once it involves your CPC. notwithstanding you need,’er displayed one. in line with Google, TrueView YouTube ads have caused a major come by CPCs all across the board. The remunerative placement of video ads is currently accessible to any or all advertisers. By golf shot them on YouTube instead of your website, Google simply gets to stay a lot of-of the cash advertisers pay.
    6. Poor targeting – Not all advertisers apprehend what they’re doing. Actually, a number of them square measure pretty uninformed. they could suppose it’s the simplest plan to focus on vegetarian blogs with a billboard for a steak-house. we have a tendency to each apprehend this type of carpet-bombing targeting can simply result in sad-looking CTRs and CPCs for publishers. however several advertisers simply need a lot of clicks for fewer money. And you finish up losing.
    7. Blocked advertisers – You clearly don’t need your competitors (or premium sponsors) advertising on your website through AdSense. therefore you add them to the blocked advertiser’s list in your AdSense account. however, in fact, there’s a catch: Google AdSense penalizes you for it. block even one advertiser will lower competition over your whole inventory.


  1. It’s the economy, stupid – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have detected that world economy isn’t doing that nice. Between the North American country deficit and also the fun in Greece – Google still needs to show profits. therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that Google AdSense distribution born by fifty % within the past decade.
  2. Seasonality – Your cost-per-click will fluctuate wildly throughout vacation or election seasons. once advertizer budgets amendment, therefore will your CPC. generally, advertisers simply need to point out their shopper as several clicks as they will. notwithstanding they’re inferiority. They throw cash at low-cost clicks and since Google desires all their budget – they’ll shove those ads anyplace.
  3. Publisher Coalitions square measure gobbling up premium ads – Large publishers in some countries square measure forming coalitions, sharing information and revenues. And this trend is simply growing. These coalitions attract wholes and advertisers United Nations agency merely don’t trust Google to stay their brand protected against unhealthy placement. These coalitions place the squeeze on Google, that leaves you with lower quality ads to show.
  4. Size and amount of ads – Some ads pay higher than others. Not exploitation the simplest changing sizes or having too several or too few ad units will lower your CPC.
  5. Improper ad placement – As much as Google desires your users to click ads, they additionally need to stop publishers from tricking users into clicking. AdSense ad placement policies square measure there to stop fraud, however, it’s too simple to accidentally break a rule and lose revenue over it.
  6. Smart evaluation – If the clicks on the ads placed on your journal or story don’t convert into business transactions? Google “smart prices” just about your whole account. And your CPCs will drop drastically as a result.

How Can I Increase Google AdSense CPC?

Target high paying keywords –
This can be nice for you as a publisher as a result of this enables you to focus on higher paying keywords notwithstanding your audience and niche. you must already be optimizing your AdSense keyword performance sort of a broker. Another issue you would possibly need to try and do is embrace high paying keywords in the content you produce.

“AdSense keywords can display high paying ads but quality content drives AdSense clicks”

Target long tail keywords –
Lawyer jokes can solely get you up to now. If you would like to be particularly effective at targeting high paying keywords, you would like to analysis. you’ll be able to use tools like SEMrush or LongTailPro to try and do it. notice the very best paying phrases that square measure relevant to your audience, and embrace them in your content. however watch out there – don’t sacrifice content quality in favor of upper CPCs.

Promote high-revenue content –
You might notice that some content brings a lot of revenue on AdSense and better CTRs and CPCs than alternative content. investment a number of that revenue in transferral a lot of traffic to those pages or promoting them on your homepage can raise them for your entire inventory. additionally, it’s invariably a sensible plan to stay creating by removal wherever you discover gold. If you discover that articles on a selected topic or kinds of content herald higher CPCs? create a lot of-of these.

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Smart evaluation –
Paying for clicks is therefore concluding decade. Today, sensible advertisers need high ROI – actual shoppers valuable. to create this happen, Google estimates the chance of conversion for the advertiser once it picks a billboard to serve and an area to serve it. The CPC price relies thereon on chance. several publishers worry that being “Smart Priced” by Google can hurt their earnings. however, you’ll be able to create it work to your advantage. How? By transferral quality traffic to your quality content and displaying relevant ads. A lot of clicks turn out to be shoppers – the lot of AdSense can pay you for every click.

Use the simplest acting ad sizes –
Many consultants claim to understand simply that sizes and placements provide the very best CPC. Even Google tell you which ones and sizes (supposedly) work best. In my expertise, this differs not solely between layouts and languages, however additionally platforms (mobile, pill, and desktop). the simplest thanks to discovering that ad sizes offer you the very best CPC is to mess around with the varied choices.

Use the AdSense Ad Review Center
We’ve already established that some advertisers square measure uninformed. so that they style awful-looking ads with unhealthy copy that nobody desires to click on. Unless you’re an enormous fan of Nineteen Nineties vogue blinking animation banner ads – you’ll be able to simply block them. this may offer you management of what product and makes square measure promoted aboard your content. prefer to show solely ads from high paying advertisers.

AdSense Ad Review Center

Use the Competitive Ad Filter –
Much like the Ad Review Center, the Competitive Ad Filter is aimed toward filtering out unwanted ads. during this case, those of your competitors. you’ll be able to block specific domains or whole AdSense accounts. This doesn’t simply increase your CPC, however, prevents your audience from ending abreast of competitors’ websites.

Mobile friendly setup –
Not solely is that this crucial for SEO, however, if you would like to make the most the mobile ad bonanza? you would like to legitimatize for mobile. Some advertisers pay a lot of for mobile clicks, and other advertise solely on mobile (like mobile app install ads and native businesses targeting a geographic area). Dynamic ads square measure a method to be mobile-friendly. Another is to make separate ad units for mobile, a lot of suited to your content layout on the tiny screens.

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Target high paying regions –
Multilingual diversification is marvelous if you would like to aim for a world market. do this if you’ll be able to, and aim for top CPC regions like Kingdom of Norway, Sweden, European nation and Japan. you’ll get to purchase native domain addresses and build localized content, however, it would be well worth the investment. additionally, you’ll be able to phase your existing audience by location like town or state, not simply country or language. Some advertisers (like tiny businesses) aim at potential shoppers in their neck of the woods. and a few neighbor cities will have large variations in average CPC.

Display relevant ads –
Google is Google, therefore AdSense optimisation is in some ways like SEO. you would like to create your website as crawlable as attainable for Google’s bots to permit AdSense to serve the foremost relevant ads. this implies all the boring technical sides of SEO – headings, formatting, meta tags and such. additionally, if your website features members solely section, you must provide Google AdSense access to scanning the content of these pages. Doing this ensures your audience gets the simplest acting ads on pages ordinarily hidden from search engines. Another issue to do is popping off interest based-ads (remarketing ads) to do and serve a lot of discourse ads. this may increase your CPC, counting on your niche.

Make content matching simple –
Although Google still reserves this feature for larger publishers solely, if you’ll be able to get Matched Content units in your Adsense – have it off. By commutation your existing article recommendation engine with Google’s, you lease Google promote relevant and revenue-generating content to your guests. And Google is aware of a lot of concerning your guests than you are doing. additionally, it stands to reason that Google can at some purpose flip this unit into a content recommendation service to contend with Taboola and Outbrain. which can become another supply of AdSense revenue for you.

Enable placement targeting –
An advertiser can pay a lot of for quality placement. It’s why you wish to stay your premium inventory near the chest. Google desires to create it easier for advertisers to focus on specific areas of your website (like the sports or the style section) or specific formats (like video ads only). you’ll be able to do that by grouping ads into Custom Channels – you’ll be able to have up to five hundred of them. you’ll be able to even let advertisers target up to five hundred specific URLs, giving them easier access to relevant content for his or her ads.

adsense add custom channel

Link your Analytics and AdSense accounts –
AdSense shows your neat reports and offers you lots of data. However, Analytics offers you far more. you’ll be able to see “hot spots” on your pages wherever guests click a lot of. And you’ll be able to see wherever your high CPC traffic is returning from and wherever it’s set. If you haven’t connected your Google Analytics and AdSense accounts – do, therefore.

Get more Googley –
Linking Analytics isn’t enough. Google likes dedication and prioritizes “loyal” publishers over others consequently. Don’t have Google Webmaster Tools yet? you must. native business? produce a Google Business account. Don’t have a YouTube channel yet? That’s a full revenue supply you’re missing out on! A lot of you snuggle up to Google, a lot of AdSense can “trust” you with their higher-paying advertisers.

Mix and Match –
Google AdSense encourages you to do new things along with your ads. It’s a feature referred to as “Experiments” that enables you to A/B tests totally different versions of ad formats, advertisers, and ad networks. You’d be stunned what proportion delicate amendments like background color or font kind will change the CPC of constant link unit. we have a tendency to too encourage testing and optimisation adventures. Move the ad units around. amendment sizes. amendment color schemes. Block some ad classes. Keep what works and take a look at one thing else with what doesn’t work. If you’re feeling that AdSense experiments aren’t simple to make and don’t offer enough of a rise in your earnings attempt AdNgin experiments that use thief testing to extend AdSense earnings.

adsense experiments

Hope this can be helpful? If you discover this useful, be at liberty to share with others.

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