5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO With Social Media

When it involves connecting with customers — existing and new — few things beat social media contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes. Contests excite fans of a whole and, once done right, encourage sharing and encourage those fans to unfold the word regarding the giveaway, ultimately doing a lot of the work for the contest’s host — you.

The premise of a social media contest is simple: offer one thing valuable away to your audience and in exchange, they’re going to connect and interact with you on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter … and encourage their friends to try to constant. the last word goal is to draw attention,

The ultimate goal is to draw attention, shares and links, all of that square measure relevant to SEO.

As noted during this Forbes post, there square measure six social media practices that boost SEO, and a contest or giveaway will facilitate with all of them:

1. Growing your range of followers organically. Google will observe the standard of your followers. shopping for them isn’t a shortcut!

2. Encouraging external arriving links. A lot of numerous the external links the higher, as a result of diversity, provides you a lot of authority in Google’s eyes.

3. Optimizing your posts for searches. Google favors standard social media updates within the prime sections of its computer program results pages (SERP). confirm you title your post — whether or not it’s a video, associate infographic, etc. — in associate correct, descriptive method.

4. Influencing social sharing. Any indication of a verifiable external supply improves your domain authority, says Demers. Likes, shares, favorites, replaces and retweets all count.

5. Optimizing native posts. Any time an organization attends an area trade exhibition or similar event, invite different native participants to comment that reinforces your taking part in your community and causes you to a lot of visible in native searches.

6. Increasing whole awareness. victimization social media to enhance your name can cause a lot of branded searches on Google. As Jason Demers notes within the Forbes article, “There’s not a selected thanks to improving your authority apart from to convey your audience a high-quality expertise.” Ideally, you offer them quality experiences that they require sharing with their own communities. Contests, giveaways, and different sweepstakes-style campaigns will facilitate with all of the higher than.   Ready to see however a contest will improve SEO for your brand? Here’s what to do:

#Choose Your Goal

7 Simple Things You Can Do to Knock Out Your Goals

Just many years agone, the highest goal several brands had once hosting a contest or different giveaway was to urge folks to love their Facebook Page. seems that Likes weren’t all that valuable. currently, there square measure 9 goals we have a tendency to usually see from ShortStack users:

  • Increase whole awareness
  • Collect user-generated content
  • Develop whole advocates
  • Converts followers into leads
  • Converts followers into sales
  • Grow a social media presence
  • Promote a brand new product or service
  • Boost user engagement
  • Gather user feedback

It’s fine to possess a few of goals, however, it is important to work out the highest one or 2 stuff you need to realize.



One of the keys to a triple-crown promotion is selecting a prize that resonates together with your audience and has relevancy to your whole. attempt to avoid providing a flashy prize simply to draw entrants. A lot of relevant your prize is that a lot of relevant your entrants are. In the end, you ought to be running a promotion to gather leads, and you would like those results in be valuable. providing multiple prizes may lead to a lot of entries since folks can feel they need a lot of opportunities to win.

#Choose Your Platform

If one in all your goals is to gather an email address or alternative contact info, use a third-party software system, like ShortStack, which will assist you to keep all the information you collect organized. If all you wish to try and do is increase engagement, run a Facebook Timeline Contest employing a comment/like importer tool that enables you co to lect a Facebook user ID variety and name from everybody United Nations agency engages together with your post. you’ll additionally use the data you collect for future selling efforts.

#Share, Share, Share!

A triple-crown contest or different campaign depends on a well-executed promotion arrange that features a combination of free and paid efforts. “Build it and that they can come” doesn’t apply to most promoting campaigns, unless you’re giving the free associate insanely valuable prize. however, we have seen many brands disclose little prizes — just like the likelihood to be a “taste tester” for Tootsie Roll or the prospect to test-drive a zip car — that have brought the brands thousands of latest followers and leads. As printed within the Forbes story mentioned higher than, something you’ll be able to do to influence social sharing, can boost your authority with Google.

#Choose a Random Winner (and get in touch with all who entered)

When you wrote the principles for your contest (check out our model if you would like tips) you ought to have enclosed details regarding however the winner of your contest would eventually be chosen. A lot of clear and specific you’re together with your fans from the first, the better. whether or not you propose on having a panel of judges, one judge, or a tool that indiscriminately selects a winner, justify fully detail however a winner are hand-picked.

  • Include any details that may get into the winner-selection method. for instance, if you’re running a photography contest and you propose to evaluate supported image connexion, power or lighting, make certain to incorporate these criteria into your rules.
  • Disclose however you’ll contact the winner and also the pointers that go beside the choice method. when we have a tendency to once we after we choose contest winners we 1st send word them by email then offer them within 15-30 days to substantiate that they received the e-mail notification. If we have a tendency to don’t receive the confirmation, we have a tendency to go on to succeeding winner. this can be an associate example of the sort of data to incorporate into your rules and laws.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate the very fact that you just (the contest sponsor) have the proper to vary the winner chosen at any purpose in time, simply just in case, you run into any hiccups on the method.

#Plan the next one

When we analyzed a few of the foremost triple-crown businesses that have run campaigns victimization ShortStack, we have a tendency to learned that they firms running frequent Campaigns have the most effective results. (We even wrote a study regarding it, that you’ll be able to download here.)

While you are here, you would possibly need to visualize out this AdWeek/Social Times’ infographic, which has eighteen steps for Facebook contests for people who have an interest keep their contest within the Facebook corral.

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