How to Read Auras

14 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About How To Read Auras – Meaning Of Colors

All living creatures, together with USA, humans, have a special reference to the universe. the traditional religious teachings fro the Far East teach lots concerning the energy of the universe and also the relation between the small and also the macro cosmos. All people area unit the universe and also the ‘creator’ is that the universe too, there’s an enormous energy current all around the USA and every one people have their own energy fields.

In most of our articles on this sort of topics, we tend to make a case for that in all probability the most effective recommendation to create someone happy and consummated is to vibrate positive (HIGH FREQUENCY) energy all around them. Negative folks area unit blasting out of low-frequency vibrations. However, this is often simply the fundamental, one thing that we tend to all recognize.

The extra-sensitive folks and also the empaths area unit far more advanced once it involves recognizing, gripping and accumulating energy. They see the energy auras around our bodies. generally, once u walk past somebody you’ll steal his energy and the other way around. generally, if you enter/ somebody enters yours/theirs energy field, it should end in confrontation or conflict state of affairs with none specific sane reason. This all happens as a result of the energy auras all around the USA that almost all people area unit all unaware of. If we all know one or two of things concerning the auras, their colors and that means, we are going to be higher ready for ‘the real world’ and spiritually stronger.


Auric Bodies and Chakras

How to Read Auras


The folks encircled by red aura area unit most evangelistic and energetic people UN agency area unit perpetually prepared for a replacement journey. they’ll be impulsive and quick, they require to undertake everything and style everything. However, their dangerous approach might place them in unpleasant and dangerous things. scan Aura folks are fast to anger and have a small temper. On the opposite hand, they’re largely intelligent, self-assured and brave. Red Aura folks area unit risk-takers and that they adapt quickly, so that they area unit terribly made professionally and, also, will become very affluent. The worst facet of the Red Aura folks is their constant deficit of attention. they require and wish to be perpetually on prime, the middle of the universe.


People with dominant yellow aura area unit the analytical, intelligent and logical folks. they’re not careless, however terribly cautious. They overcalculate everything and most of them area unit workaholics UN agency area unit powerfully targeted on their material world. Yellow aura folks aren’t the ‘relationship’ style of folks, however, at an equivalent time, they’re terribly proof against stress, depression, anxiety etc. they need a powerful mental profile.

They are proud of their own and intensely self-sustaining. not like the others, they get pleasure from loneliness and at an equivalent time, they’re nice communicators and savvy to socialize. However, their socialization is seen as associate degree obligation, not need. They don’t build friends simply, and if they are doing, their friends are folks with yellow aura- intelligent and untiring. Intense critique and disposition are additionally common for yellow aura folks.


Having a predominant blue Aura or energy field close you’ll purpose to a variety of temperament traits. all blue Auras area unit quite rare however will show up joined of the boldest Aura colors in folks with sturdy personalities.


Blue Aura folks area unit the master communicators of the planet. they need the power to convey their thoughts, ideas, views, and ideas eloquently and charismatically. they create for glorious writers, poets, and politicians.

Blue Aura folks are very smart and extremely intuitive. They actually have the top and heart balanced in creating troublesome choices and decisions. they’re unbelievably sensible organizers and may inspire and encourage others.


Gold Aura folks have an unprecedented sense of aesthetics, they love beauty and have an awfully inventive aptitude. you may decision them, hedonists- they extremely love the finer things in life and prefer to adorn themselves and their surroundings with beauty, class, and extravagance. They conjointly wish to be the middle of attention and that they area unit superb at it. They savvy to entertain social teams and the way to have an effect on admiration from others.

Because of this, gold aura folks area unit best-known to possess several, several friends. they’re caring and sharing, they’ll provide you with time, they’ll hear you and that they build an excellent company. However, they don’t wish their flaws and can’t stand criticism. They hide below masks and this is often their biggest issue. they’re terribly proud and freelance.


This area unit the folks that have special gifts. they’ll use their gifts through their lifepath to grow as someone. they’re terribly wise and that they actually learn life lessons. Silver Aura folks area unit sensitive, intuitive and that they even have some psychic talents. These folks have the strongest spirit and also the biggest potential to achieve religious divinity and notice ‘The Truth’.

People with predominant silver/white aura area unit perpetually seen as terribly enticing. They attract folks and admirers, however generally this might be a problem as a result of silver/white aura folks don’t wish to be center of attention. They don’t extremely care concerning the name, nor area unit proud or egoist. Silver Aura folks are thought-about to be terribly lucky.


Brown aura perpetually suggests one thing wrong together with your temperament. Indicates confusion, discouragement, lack of confidence and concern. Dark brown indicates stinginess, egoism, and an inclination toward deception.


This is the aura of hate, negativity, depression or some major sickness. This color could be an extremely unhealthy sign.

If you wish to scan your aura, simply follow these easy steps. Stand or sit before of a mirror. Have a solid, light-weight background behind you and begin observing yourself within the mirror.Focus your attention on associate degree outlining spot on your body. (I concentrate on the realm between my neck and shoulders.) At first, you may see a skinny white or clear image around your body. This white or clear image can seem like a nearly-clear sort of energy, however, you’ll undoubtedly see it.

Remain targeted. Eventually, that white or clear image can expand and can become a visible color (on ME it’s a skinny yellow define of my body). At now, you’re seeing one thing that your mind isn’t accustomed seeing, that triggers your brain to begin thinking, and also the aura disappears. It’ll come quickly and can disappear even as quickly as before long as you’re thinking that concerning what you’re seeing. If you’re able to stay targeted, your aura can glow brightly. Slowly, you’ll see a lot off of it and you’ll be able to actually verify what aura area unit you encircled with.

If you keep long enough targeted on your inner aura, before long you’ll be able to see your outer aura. However, this method needs lots of focus and religious strength. you’ll see waves that area unit slowly glowing out of your body, but still, it’s troublesome if you’re not a spiritually advanced person.


Source  Limitless Minds

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