Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The Ugly Truth About How To Get People To Like A Tortoise And A Hare Are Having A Race

The proverb ‘A Tortoise and a Hare Are Having a Race’ hold a lot of experiential truth – as I have discovered over the course of my long life spent in working as a stockbroker on Wall Street. When you’re intimately involved with the stock market by way of a self-espoused employment commitment, you cannot do without not upholding the crucial virtue of patience in your life; otherwise, the rapid fluctuations of the equities market over the short-term can really leave you (and your clients) reeling over the edge. By building yourself slowly & cautiously – both from the personal and professional standpoints – you can not only ensure a constant semblance of sustainable growth but also attain the great satisfaction that comes with knowing that you’ve made it through by your own efforts. In order to read up more on this subject, consider subscribing to a high-speed Internet plan through the Cox Customer Support service.

On Dealing with this Fast-Paced World

In the perpetual ‘rat race’ of the contemporary world, which incidentally has always ensued as an existential feature of living in every civilizational epoch, society pressurizes everyone (who happens to fall under its sprawling sphere of influence) to speed up. This drive towards constant expedition, in turn, fuels the engine of cut-throat competition and impulsion – which subsequently beget a sociological climate in which people end up becoming the victims of many avoidable pitfalls.

A slowly maneuvering and cautiously introspecting individual who does not fall prey to society’s subtle mechanizations, in contrast, is more equipped to anticipate these social traps before they make their appearance – and to avoid them accordingly.

The Social Narrative is at Fault

Our new-age social narrative, formed under the auspices of a neoliberal global order of market capitalism over a period of more than half a century, is built upon the abstract (yet psychologically consequential) materialistic messaging disseminated through the various electronic mediums of popular culture.

Onscreen productions such as films, TV shows, live televised screenings (of all genres of showbiz produce), in addition to all the discursive content found in all manner of print publications, can be considered to be the tools/mediums used by all manner of social engineers (politicians, bureaucrats, military personnel, public litigators, media pundits and wealthy business owners) to maintain a cultural edifice that remains constantly gripped in the clutches of an artificially-bolstered ‘desire for more’.

The Perks of Steady, Sustained & Patient Progress

In my lived experience, I’ve found the crucial personal quality of ‘self-confidence’ to be the perfect antidote to the unceasing instigations of popular culture – of which most people happen to be little more than passive and unwitting recipients.

With a strong sense of self-belief & personal destiny, it becomes possible to not only resist the onslaught of various kinds of social messaging but also to carve out one’s own path in life with confidence. For people inherently low on personal self-esteem, becoming susceptible to the whims of other people inevitably turns into an exhausting, life-long endeavor. Such people become a victim, to be precise, to the relentless calls for quickening their stance in all of their life affairs – and so they tend to lose everything that they otherwise might have gained through the adoption of a more measured and popularly unyielding pace.

Illustrating the Merits of the ‘Slow & Steady’ Route

At this point, I’d like to narrate two examples from my personal stock-mediating experience.

  1. One of my clients, a wealthy industrialist who had managed to enhance his personal fortune through the real-estate business, approached me to invest a massive amount of capital in a popular S&P 500 index fund. His total plugged-in volume, after being converted to stock, amounted to over $5 million worth of shares.

Despite all the monetary provisions and impressive investments-portfolio he had available at his disposal, however, he had one personal failing: he was plagued by the twin professional evils of impatience and stubbornness. And even though I had warned him about pulling all his money out too erratically and quickly (without spending any time in analyzing current market trends and forecasting future stock exchange trajectories), he did just that – and incurred a capital depreciation loss of more than 50% on his initial aggregate investment.

  1. Another client, a middle-class college professor, had sold an old car, and wanted to grow his personal wealth over a period of 10 years – starting in the year 2007 (when the economy had almost neared its collapse). Starting with a modest $300, 000 in investment money, and in spite of the great market fluctuations that momentarily seemed to forestall his growth profile from time to time, he was able to reap impressive capital appreciation gains of up to 400% – increasing his net share worth to over $12, 00, 000 (in addition to the increments in dividends he received over the period).

The last I heard of him, he was planning to reinvest this figure into a series of well-managed mutual fund schemes, and from what I could attest of his quality of perseverance, I’m certain that he will be able to grow his investments-portfolio even further monetarily – and without incurring any debilitating losses.

Patience, of the A Tortoise and a Hare Are Having a Race variety, certainly does pay up (literally) in the long run. I can narrate many more instances like these – which relate how this principle holds up in real-life – but for the requirement of brevity (of this post), I guess that they will have to suffice for now.

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