25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

1. Print Advertisements

You can create cash weblogging through advertising on your blog. this can be the foremost direct thanks to creating cash on your weblog. you are doing nothing apart from place ads on your website. you’ll be able to use completely different ad networks, like Google AdSense and Media.Net.

The additional clicks and views your weblog gets, the extra money you create from ads. this can be an awfully common approach for webloggers to create cash once they initial begin blogging as a result of it’s pretty straightforward once you get traffic reaching to your blog.

2. Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook Sponsored Posts
You can create cash by having sponsored posts on your weblog. this implies that somebody can pay you to publish one thing they write or that you just write. this might be a store, brand, product, or another website seeking exposure. Often, this additionally comes with the sort of writing reviews (but not always).Sponsored posts area unit straightforward thanks to creating cash on-line through your weblog, however, it’s less steady that alternative varieties of financial gain unless you’ve got an associate degree in progress relationship or many sponsored posts per month. I do know many bloggers UN agency create around $1,000 / month from sponsored posts alone.

3. Infographic: Affiliate marketing

Infographic: Affilate marketing
You can Make Money by merchandising alternative people’s product. this can be once individuals create cash through affiliate sales. Their area unit many affiliate networks you’ll be able to be a part of online, like Flexoffers or CJ Affiliate, otherwise, you are associate degree affiliate to people, too.There area unit in numerous affiliate opportunities with affiliate relationships online. this can be however plenty of bloggers create their cash, myself enclosed. I really like this fashion of creating cash blogging as a result of you don’t need to produce your own product to induce going. you’ll be able to sell somebody else’s product and create cash doing it.

I extremely suggest taking creating Sense of Affiliate selling to find out the way to create cash with affiliate selling. It’s a course that teaches you ways to create cash through affiliate selling.

4. Digital Product Business Sales

Digital Product Business Sales

You can create cash blogging by merchandising your own digital product blogging. I learned this from taking Six Figure Blogger, a course that walks you thru precisely the way to create six figures blogging by merchandising your own product.

Example of digital product embodies merchandising printables, eBooks, and courses.

Making cash on your weblog by merchandising your own product is superb as a result of you’ve got management of everything. you’ll be able to produce something that’s downloadable, so charge cash for it. It’s amazing!

People create thousands of greenbacks a month alone by merchandising their own digital product (individually or as a course). this can be undoubtedly a money-maker!

5. Outsource Freelance Work to You

Outsource Freelance Work to You

Freelance writing could be a good way to create cash on-line once you begin blogging. It’s technically not blogging on your own website, however, it’s lumped in with blogging normally. Freelance writing is wherever you get paid to jot down for alternative websites or blogs. You write content that’s printed on another site website which site pays you for it.

You can find out how to create cash freelance writing by taking Earn additional Writing.

Freelance writing could be a good way to create cash. I say the way to begin freelance writing here in my step by step guide. I do know a few individuals in person UN agency have used my guide to start out freelance writing and it landed them $350+/post gigs. Pretty awesome!

If there’s one thing that you just will offer a service for on-line, then there’s a marketplace for you!


You can create cash bogging through: 1) ads, 2) sponsored posts, 3) affiliate selling, 4) digital product 5) freelance writing.

Obviously, to create cash blogging, initial you’ve got to start out a web log. I will walk you thru the way to begin a web log in my piecemeal guide. Some individuals have asked for the course i like to recommend for beginning a web log that’s additional full, with tutorials which course is Launch Your web log.

What i really like most concerning blogging is that I will create cash on my very own time, from where i would like — it’s complete flexibility.

If you are interested in learning more about making money blogging, download this checklist I made that walks you through starting how to launch a money making blog.

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