Why You Should Talk To Your Partner About Your Ex

The Best Kept Secrets About Psychologists Explain Why You Shouldn’t Talk To Your Ex On Social Media

Sometimes, once it’s over – meaning it’s extremely over! reproof your ex-partner on social media and maintaining with their lives could seem sort of a sensible plan, however, that’s not forever the case. If things all over amicably, you would possibly be tempted to merely continue on the means things were. And if they didn’t, then you’ll be tempted to stay tabs on what they’re doing currently.

Relationship counselor and shape healer Clinton Power says, “Social media usage may be an ambiguous arm. whereas it should strengthen social connections between friends and deepen a romantic relationship through continued interaction despite physical distance, constant social media use makes depression worse and harms your overall well-being.”

With social media having the ability to trace our every move, reproof your ex or continued to follow their pages sounds like the rational factor to try to. however science is here to elucidate why this can be a nasty plan, and why we’d like to stay ourselves out of our ex’s social lives.



People share every kind of things on social media, except for the foremost half, individuals tend to solely share the nice things. this implies you’re obtaining a restricted read of your ex – all of the nice components. you’ll end up getting down to feel false hope that things have modified which they’re currently a viable partner for you, though they weren’t before.

Studies have shown that individuals UN agency still stalk or keep tabs on their ex-partners through social media like Facebook area unit additional possible to succeed in out and take a look at to continue being with them intimately. this will cause false hope that things area unit about to compute between the 2 of you, though the bulk of the connection was fraught with problems.

Psychologist and author Jill Weber, Ph.D. says, “If your relationship has all over, then it’s over: What you had along with your ex not exists. continued the association implies that an area of you remains hoping that in some alternate universe there’s an opportunity you and your ex-are often along and be happy. As a result, you reside off moments of closeness.”

Keeping distant from your ex partner’s social media will cue you of the entire of the connection, not simply the nice components.


Most people assume that checking abreast of their ex’s social media isn’t an enormous deal, which it doesn’t do anyone any hurt. What they recognize can’t hurt them, right? that may be true, if science didn’t make sure that individuals UN agency social media stalk usually bring that behavior into the $64000 world. rather than simply browsing their profiles, they find yourself “accidentally” running into them as a result of they recognize wherever they’re going that day, or delivery them gifts to do and find back along.

“… we have a tendency to perceive what it’s prefer to be a star and be pedunculate however i’d argue that we have a tendency to area unit currently all public figures, we have a tendency to all have a social media profile and we have a tendency to’re all in danger from people UN agency might become fixated on what we represent. So, I do assume we have a tendency to’ve got a protracted thanks to come in terms of the law and our own self-management once it involves however we fixate on others. Stalking is outlined as a fixation on others, if we have a tendency to place an excessive amount of energy into people on-line we have a tendency to area unit in danger of developing terribly troublesome behaviours,” says Dr. Emma Short, associate degree professional in Cyber Stalking and Harassment

This can usually be browse as quite threatening behavior on behalf of the ex-partner. it should appear harmless initially, however that behavior is threatening and inappropriate. This behavior will cause lots of tension within the person on the opposite finish of the stalking, and if it escalates, it will even cause issues for you.


There’s every kind of “equations” that may try and tell you the way long it takes you to induce over ex-partner. however additionally all recognize, obtaining over one thing sort of a break-up will take a protracted time, or it will take no time the least bit. It extremely depends on however long you were along and the way deep you were within the relationship, together with different factors which will verify however long you’re about to be longing over your ex. however the $64000 danger of stalking your ex is that it will take longer for you to induce over them.

Psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. says, “From a psychological state perspective, you shouldn’t keep tabs on your ex via social media as a result of you can’t have a real, clean break and extremely move forward whereas you’re still staying in your ex’s life, though it’s remotely through social media… social stalking is like taking the scab off of the wound that’s getting down to heal from the breakup and so having to begin the healing method everywhere once more.”

By having the ability to ascertain all of their social media, and continued to examine abreast of them, it will create it tougher for you to begin healing from that chop up. each you and your ex need to be ready to move onward from the connection, and science has shown that individuals UN agency frequently stalk their ex’s social media won’t endure it as quickly.


In the end, stalking your ex in social media … simply doesn’t feel good! Science has shown that individuals UN agency tend to stalk their exes on social media also are constant those who have a larger risk of depression. perpetually reminding yourself of a relationship that all over may be a good way to cause yourself inessential anguish.

“Both psychiatrists and psychologists report that there’s a detailed relationship between social media and depression since it’s changing into a serious means that of communication. The addiction results in social withdrawal, as users area unit preoccupied with defrayment their time on self-entertainment and termination their daily activities,” says therapist Dr. Dolly Habbal.

Any scientist can imply that there’s no want for you to stay tabs on your ex, which doing therefore is merely possible to extend your own anxiety and depression. It will even create it tougher for you to maneuver on to a brand new relationship.

Final thoughts

Social media stalking isn’t fun for anyone concerned. For the person doing the stalking, it will cause issues in moving forward from the chop up, and may create depression worse. For the ex, it are often uncomfortable and even threatening. permitting yourself to jilting of your ex and unfollow them from social media can allow things to maneuver forward naturally, and permit you each to heal.

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