Things to Keep in Mind When Launching a Weight Loss Blog

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Launching A Weight Loss

At first, building a weight loss diary doesn’t appear to be a very totally different task than building the other sort of a diary web site. So, let American state be the one WHO breaks this to you … it’s really terribly totally different.

Okay, the technical half remains constant. That’s in the main as a result of WordPress is absolutely capable of running any quite diary (actually, any quite website), and weight loss isn’t a challenge in the slightest degree. thus once it involves obtaining a site, a web host, putting in WordPress, handling the initial settings, and so on. It’s all constant story.

However, the half that’s terribly totally different is that the approach you’re about to take with the niche, the sort of content you’re about to publish, and also the sort of relationship you’re about to build together with your audience.

1. Getting this initial credibility

The weight loss niche may be a troublesome one attributable to one main drawback.

Any wild guesses?

People fascinated by health and weight loss area unit naturally less unsuspecting. And it’s quite perceivable, actually.

Let’s take a glance at a very totally different business to elucidate this.

If you’re within the area of “blogging regarding blogging” then quality isn’t that necessary. I mean, it’ll for certain assist you attract additional guests, however, once it’s all same and done, if you’ll be able to craft adequate recommendation and share it with individuals, they’ll concentrate.

In weight loss, things area unit plenty tougher. Weight loss recommendation sometimes involves doing one thing specific to our bodies, that is extremely personal.

The best thanks to gain quality is to urge featured (via a guest post, for example) on some semi-popular or in style blogs and so list them in an exceedingly custom “as seen on” block. That way, anyone visiting your new weight loss diary can straightaway notice that different sites within the niche area unit already listening to you.

2. Careful on the affiliate products

Affiliate promoting is one amongst the highest strategies for bloggers to form cash. despite the fact that I’m not here to undermine the ability of the application itself, I do advise you to require it simple in your starting months of Weight Loss Blog.

There’s a large number of affiliate programs within the weight loss niche, however, there’s additionally a large number of scams. This poses 2 dangers:

If you’re simply beginning out, you don’t recognize that merchandise area unit quality, however (and all of them have nice promoting materials). you merely don’t wish to finish up promoting one thing icky accidentally.
If you promote an excessive amount of stuff, your readers can get the impression that you’re sole regarding creating affiliate sales. This has an unhealthy impact on your quality and might lead to losing your audience.
Affiliate merchandise works nicely in several niches, however, in weight loss, it’s best if you build a relationship together with your audience initial, and solely then begin to say some promotions here and there.

3. Share your own story

If you’re about to be the most author of the diary, you would like to form things personally and not hide behind any nickname or the overused form “we.”

First of all, use “I” plenty.

Secondly, share your own story associated with weight loss. If you don’t have any, get to bear with somebody willing to produce articles for you and obtain personal articles from them.

Weight loss may be a terribly personal niche by default. basically, nobody cares regarding some complete talking regarding this or that. What matters area unit individuals and their own methods/tricks/approaches at flourishing weight loss.

4. Be careful with email marketing

Email promoting is usually treated because of the chalice of building a website-based business. In theory, all you would like so as to succeed may be a website with some search engine traffic coming back in, and resulting in a landing page wherever you win over the guests to register to your email list. and so you’ve got an endless chance to perpetually nag them through email.

It’s really quite shivery what percentage marketers still commit to legitimatize their sites this manner.

Anyway, there’s a way higher methodology, and it’s referred to as coming up without your approach before and delivering real price up front. Here’s however it’s done.

First, divide your story messages approach into four types:

  • (a) Pure content delivered on a daily basis. this can be regarding your customary newsletters – filled with usable content – sent out manually whenever you’ve got one thing attention-grabbing to share.
  • (b) Promotion delivered on a daily basis. kind of like the higher than, however now it’s regarding promotion sent out manually whenever you’ve got one thing to share that might profit your audience.
  • (c) Pure content sent out at pre-defined intervals. this can be content designed to resonate with a recent subscriber – somebody WHO signed in the week.
  • (d) Promotion sent out at pre-defined intervals. Promotion designed to resonate with a recent subscriber.

Then, produce your story delivery sequence. Here’s, however, I prefer to align it myself, however, be happy to form your adjustments:

  • Day zero (when the person subscribes): (c).
  • Days 1-4: (c) on a daily basis.
  • Day 5: (d).
  • Day 6: (c).
  • Day 8: (c).
  • Day 10: (c).
  • Day 11: (d).

Days twelve and up: (a) and (b). check that to send a minimum of 5 (a) messages for each (b) message.

The next step is to form all those (c) Associate in Nursing (d) messages and place them through an autoresponder sequence – a mechanism that may channelize those messages mechanically at set intervals.

The technical aspect of things is basically easy thus you don’t ought to be an internet skilled to form it happen. Luckily, their area unit several tools out there that you just will benefit of here.

If you’re on a good budget, verify SendinBlue, that is that the solely major email story service providing autoresponders as a part of their free arrange. As so much as I will see, all over else (MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse), you’ve got to pay to urge the feature.

There’s an additional crucial piece of the puzzle here. If you wish to form email effective, you would like to form a valuable and attractive enough incentive for individuals to hitch your story. however that’s a subject for a whole different post, thus let’s not get into it here.

5. Follow multiple paths

This sounds a trifle obscure, thus let American state elaborate. What I mean by multiple ways is multiple angles at weight loss.

For instance, I’m positive you’re doing plenty of keyword analysis if you’re in an exceedingly huge niche like weight loss. In such a case, you may find yourself with a variety of keywords like (mind this can be simply Associate in Nursing example and that i haven’t any data concerning the potential price of those keywords):

  • “how to turn fast”
  • “weight loss within the new year”
  • “weight loss for beginners”
  • “weight loss advice”
  • “weight loss tips,” and then on.

The worst factor you’ll be able to do is produce individual posts for every keyword, however, give the precise same data altogether of them. as an example, it’s very troublesome to form a post titled “Weight Loss Advice” considerably totally different from one titled “Weight Loss Tips.”

A lot higher approach is to tackle this from multiple angles, that specialize in totally different aspects of weight loss, such as:

  • dieting,
  • working out,
  • weight loss programs,
  • calorie counters,
  • weight loss instrumentation,
  • kitchen appliances,
  • weight loss friendly meals, and myriads of different things.

All of the higher than area unit your totally different ways to require.

6. Use diverse content types

Weight loss is such an enormous space that you just will simply incorporate differing kinds of content into your offerings. Here area unit some potentialities and bear in mind to remain consistent:

  • standard text posts,
  • infographics (and different visuals – you’ll be able to produce those with a tool like Visme pretty simply and quickly),
  • recipes,
  • videos (workout directions, etc.)
  • audios (e.g. podcasts),
  • interviews (if you’re having a hassle finding consultants, you’ll be able to register to MyBlogU – one amongst the modules there’s designed to assist you to get input from people within the niche),
  • pictures (before and when, etc.),
  • news (whenever one thing new gets released),
  • reader stories (whenever somebody emails you and shares their own weight loss adventure).

I’m positive that there area unit far more potentialities looking ahead to you out there than what I’ve mentioned here (in terms of content types), however this list ought to be quite enough to urge you going.

This really concludes what I even have to mention, thus currently I encourage you to require the ground.

Is there something you’d prefer to ask? area unit you progressing to launch a weight loss diary within the close to future?

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