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This is something that I’ve never tried before with my first blog, so I’m excited to see what opportunities arise. If you’d like to submit a guest post, please make sure that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Post length: I’m not too fussed about the overall length of a post, although I would like it to be at least 800 words long. The majority of my posts are 800-1200 words in length, so if you could make it around this length, that would be great.
  • Article: Please make sure the tone is informal and easy to understand. No formal posts, please! I tend to write like I’m talking to a friend because it’s easier.
  • Make sure your post useful to our readers – whether it’s advice or entertainment. If you could tell me what the purpose of your post is in the subject line of your email, that would be great! Tell me what your post is going to accomplish. An example of a subject email is, ‘Guest Post Pitch: Three tips that all bloggers need to know’.
  • Please provide 3-5 high-quality pictures for your blog post! – They don’t have to be your own pictures, but if they are then that’s great. If they aren’t your own pictures, please use pictures that are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero License and give me the link to each photo used. Examples of websites that provide these pictures are and
  • If I accept your post, we’ll settle on a publish date and I’ll ask for your post to be sent to me 5 days in advance just so we’re prepared.
  • Also, if I do accept your post you should hear back from me within 48 hours (hopefully!). Apologies in advance if I fail to reply.

Email us at [email protected]

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If you have read and understood all of the guidelines mentioned above, here is how you can submit the article.

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If your idea is approved, we will create a brand new guest author profile for you & you can submit the post from SnipersBlog dashboard.
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