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Donald Trump and Kathy Griffin agree on something support for Tomi Lahren Water, Insults

President Donald Trump fleetly defended Tomi Lahren as associate degree “outstanding and revered young woman” once the Fox News contributor aforementioned fellow diners at an eating place pelted her with water and obscenities.

“Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a very outstanding and revered young woman!” Trump tweeted Wed morning, shortly once Lahren talked concerning her weekend expertise at a metropolis eating place on “Fox and Friends.”

On Wed, amid his rantings concerning the Mueller investigation, Trump veered in short far from the mouth the FBI to specific support for Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren.

Donald Trump Tweet on Foxandfriends Tomi Lahren

The president was responding to Lahren’s look on Fox & Friends, his favorite show, Wed morning. And Lahren had appeared on the show as a result of an event at brunch over the weekend.

On Sat, Lahren and her mother were at a brunch at a metropolis eating place once she was heckled by alternative diners. within the videos that shortly surfaced afterward, a girl is often seen throwing water at Lahren from her glass. Lahren turned and confronted the girl, and alternative diners expressed their support for the girl UN agency through the water. One repeatedly yelled, “f— that b—.”

“Unfortunately, there was a bunch of individuals most likely around my age that thought it’d be funny to throw water at Pine Tree State then begin vocalizing utterance and, again, not one thing that I’m not accustomed, however, very discouraging,” Lahren aforementioned on Fox & Friends.

According to the basis, an eating place worker 1st tried to intervene by having Lahren leave the realm, however, once Lahren protested that that was unfair, he created the water-thrower leave the eating place.

Kathy Griffin Tweet on TomiLahren

“At the tip of the day I’m an individual, too, and that I do get humiliated and embarrassed rather like anyone else, however, I’m robust, my family is hard, we will handle it,” Lahren aforementioned on the show Wed. “I assume that those who threw the water and were applauding and happy concerning it needed to urge their quarter-hour of fame by creating a video of Pine Tree State.”

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