How to Steal Your Competitor’s Facebook Fans

In this article, you’ll discover a way to build a Facebook audience for your FB Ads and skyrocket sales in your drop shipping store.

Ad targeting choices on Facebook permit you to create audiences to have an interest in what you sell. whether or not your drop shipping niche is huge or little, you’ll notice targeting choices that match your preferred goals. Use our tips below to achieve the shoppers you care concerning and begin boosting your sales today!

So, you recognize that Facebook is that the largest social media platform online with the best audience targeting choices. we tend to square measure getting to show you the way to optimize your Facebook Ads targeting thus you’ll generate the next to come back on advertising pay.

How to analyze your current audience?

If you have already got some traffic and sales in your drop shipping store and develop nice accounts in social networks with enough quantity of followers (at least Facebook and Instagram accounts) you’ll use the tools listed below to search out who your fans and customers square measure. With the assistance of this data, you won’t pay your cash blindly on Facebook.

Tool #1 – Google Analytics

Even if your accounts in social networks square measure fresh, Google Analytics is often helpful for decisive what varieties of traffic you’re attracting to your website. Click “Audience” on the left tab.

Google Analytics QR code statistics

You can see breakdowns of demographics, interests, geographic locations, behavior, devices, etc. It’s terribly helpful data for your Facebook advertising strategy. Here square measure the affinity classes and in-market segments to relinquish you the thought of however centered this knowledge will get. The older your website is that the additional correct knowledge you’ll get.

With the assistance of this data, you’ll optimise your ads on any platforms. a minimum of you must concentrate on the GEO and Demographics. However, if you don’t have enough time or cash for testing, this data would decrease your outlay.


For this text, we’ve chosen our website commerce completely different phone cases. we tend to see that we’ve got an associate nearly equal variety of males and females who largely use their smartphones to go to our website. The age varies from eighteen to thirty-four years. The people of 18-25 years recent may be a bit larger. Our in-market section is client Electronics/Mobile Phone. Also, you’ll see the list of nations from that our traffic comes. however don’t be glad about solely this knowledge to form your conclusions, check alternative tools too!

Tool #2 – Facebook Page Insights

If you pay enough attention to your Facebook Page and share specialized materials, your page Insights can be terribly useful. attend the Facebook page of your store and select “Insights”. Here you’ll see the information concerning your current followers. check the demographics and GEO as a result of basic audience targeting choices in Facebook embody location, age, and gender.

Facebook Insights tool showing gender demographic information

Data that you just get from these 2 tools will take issue. It depends on several factors as well as the method you grow your followers and your previous Advertising methods. away or another, you shouldn’t stop analyzing.Age teams in Facebook Page Insights coincide with knowledge from Google analytics, tho’ here we will see that Males are available in at sixty-seven of all the followers. Most of our follower’s square measure from communicative countries, however, don’t admit that these square measure purchased subscribers.

Tool #3 – Instagram Page Insights

Well, if you have got already promoted your Instagram account and got an honest variety of followers, you’ll use Instagram Insights too. Statistics is obtainable since you’ve switched your account to a business one.

instagram insights followers

The best thanks to getting your most devoted followers is to use Shoutouts. Here is that the final guide to a way to use Instagram Shoutouts in drop shipping business.

Once again, we tend to witness the equal proportion of males and females of similar age teams. It’s nearly the time after you will state the characteristics of your current traffic.

Tool #4 – Sales Statistics on your website

Don’t forget to appear through your actual sales, particularly if you get them throughout Shoutouts. you will see the gender and also the country of your customers, best shopping for countries and your best sellers. All of those are going to be terribly useful similarly. Check these knowledge on your web site. attend your web site – “AliDropship” – “Reports” – “Sales Report”.

Sales Statistics on your website

How to place yourself in a customer’s shoes?

With the tools listed on top of we tend to get a concept concerning our buyer’s persona. at once you’ll answer the essential questions about your customers and place the answers in your notes:

What is the gender of your customers? – 50/50.

  1. How recent square measure they? – 18-24 & 25-34.
  2. Where do they usually live? – USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy.
  3. What device do they use to surf your website? – Mobile.

It’s concerning time to dive into the core of this article: the particular ways you’ll use in making your Facebook Ads targeting strategy. currently, we tend to square measure getting to begin learning concerning advanced targeting.

Essential methodology of Targeting – FB Audience Insights

Audience Insights is completely different from Page Insights as a result of it’s at trends concerning your current or potential customers across Facebook, whereas Page Insights appearance at the interactions together with your Page (i.e., likes, comments, and shares). victimisation Audience Insights, you’ll get the combination and anonymous data such as:

  • Demographics — Age and gender, lifestyle, education, relationship standing, job role and social unit size;
  • Page likes — the highest Pages individuals like in numerous classes, like women’s attire or sports;
  • Location and language — wherever individuals live, and what languages they speak;
  • Facebook usage — however ofttimes individuals in your audience work on Facebook and what device(s) they use after they log in;
  • Purchases activity — Past purchase behavior (i.e. significant patrons of women’s apparel) and get ways (i.e., in-store, online).
And you’ll read this data for 3 completely different teams of people:
  • People on Facebook (the general Facebook audience);
  • People connected to your Page or event;
  • People in Custom Facebook Audiences you’ve already created. If you have already got an outsized enough client base, you’ll import your customers’ email addresses into Facebook and make a custom audience.

If you don’t have large enough base of emails, you continue to will use this tool to run insight reports on competitors, prime brands or interests. The trick is to take care you have got an identical product to supply.

Facebook Ads Targeting Instruction

Actually, it’s a free basic tool that you just would possibly need to use. this can be the best thanks to analysis data concerning your potential shoppers. Here is our gradual instruction:

You open up Audience Insights and kind associate interest associated with your niche or kind of product you’re getting to promote.

1. for example, we tend to arrange to promote iPhone & Samsung Cases with Vincent van Gogh Paintings. thus we tend to place “Vincent Van Gogh” in interests and delete “United States” within the “Locations” tab as a result of it’s given there as a default. you’ll currently see age and Gender data in Demographics. subsequently, we will slender your audience in keeping with this knowledge in “Age” tab. So, your audience have modified from 8m-9m to four.5m-5m monthly active individuals.

2. Click “Location” wherever you’ll vary the countries by clicking “Selected Audience”. when checking these countries you’ll slender the audience victimisation the knowledge from your notes concerning your current customers and place countries in “Location” tab.

3. currently check “Page Likes” by clicking on them. Here you’ll read the highest pages individuals like in numerous classes. It might even be useful in targeting facebook audience. attempt to check a number of them and place pages with sensible engagement in your notes.

4. Also, scroll down the page in “Demographics”. we tend to see that the majority of our potential customers have listed the “College”. thus we tend to additionally place it in “Education” tab.

5. in the end the manipulations, we tend to get the audience that we will then again the longer term by clicking “Save” button. we tend to might have shriveled it even additional, however, 500k-600k monthly active individuals are that the best size of the audience.

Table of researched FB target interests

When we tend to do audience targeting analysis on Facebook we don’t typically want to stay everything in mind. thus we tend to awaken Google Sheets to form a table of Interests with keywords. Here is that the table from that we tend to begin. concentrate on the gradation of the interests, you’ll do a similar. when making the templet of the table, you wish to place here the keywords that square measure out there on Facebook.

If you would like to grasp what interests Facebook chooses for you, you’ll attend Facebook ad preferences. however, well-suiting does one notice it compared to your actual interests? Those interests square measure broad and tough to form use of. That’s why we’d like to use keywords that are a mix of fan pages, buzzwords, etc. you must apprehend that you just target cold audience whereas you utilize interests, and target heat audience after you use custom audiences generated with the Facebook constituent.

Filling the Table of Audience Interests

Open your favorite Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor and click on “Create Campaign”. you wish to travel to the “audience” section in ad set settings. Firstly, you select your standard Demographics and Geo setting for your audience otherwise you will notice the one you antecedently created in Audience Insights. you will you’ll you’ll be able to choose a language for your audience to slender it and to indicate your ad to those that can perceive your message.

Next step is to specify the most interest. In our example, we tend to place “Vincent Van Gogh”. Then press “Suggestions” button to ascertain additional relevant interests. after you pass the mouse on any of the interests, you see the amount of monthly active those that have expressed associate interest or liked pages associated with “Van Gogh”.

Then you set all of those interests in your Google Sheet and fill the cells with some color on the belief of the color gradation of monthly active individuals. What for? you’ll use this table and mix the interests any method you would like to search out the most effective audience or to avoid overlapping audiences (when your ads square measure competitive one another and waste your money).

Don’t forget to exclude customers who already realize Chinese on-line searching websites! They in all probability won’t obtain from your store. And after all that exclusion can slender your FB audience.

Do you suppose that the majority of the individuals fascinated by Vincent Vincent van Gogh square measure faculty graduates? Facebook permits you to place that within the interests.

Don’t forget to save lots of your audience.You will be able to use that audience any time you would like while not hold up on corrections.

Searching for the suggestions won’t be enough. you’ll do some analysis victimisation Google and Facebook Search, stalk fan pages and suggestions on those pages, check Wiki or fansites and so place alternative keywords if they’re out there.

There is a lifehack concerning keywords  – “But nobody Else Would” Trick. for example, everybody is aware of Van Gogh’s name however not everybody will tell you any of his paintings. attempt to aim at actuality fans unless it’s not one thing extremely “hype” at the instant.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Spending money blindly is that the worst mistake you’ll create.

Segmenting audiences to focus on (and retarget) is that the key to the made running of a Facebook crusade. Use all of your knowledge and analytics to perform informative marketing research – it’ll assist you to induce specialized sales.

Mix and match to search out and refine combos that actually affect. we tend to want you sensible luck – we tend to square measure certain you’ll create it! be happy to raise U.S. any queries within the comments, we’ll do our greatest to relinquish you the most effective answer to assist you together with your ads.

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