How to Start Making Money with Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs could be a crazy supply to come up with the superb quantity of revenue from your blogs. the important online business area unit that UN agency either have their own merchandise, promote third-party merchandise (affiliate marketing) or supply services to their shoppers.

Bluehost has been my initial ever internet hosting! terribly shortly, as I trust their service completely, I become their affiliate and determined to suggest it to everybody around Maine.

This post goes out for all the brothers and sisters UN agency expect to leap into affiliate promoting and cannot fathom what to push and earning an honest quantity whereas doing this.

To set up a self-hosted website, you would like an internet hosting. thus internet hosting is one amongst the foremost common affiliate merchandise that folks promote online and creating a living.

The following post is structured within the style of an FAQ that helps understands the subject higher.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate promoting is once you promote third-party merchandise and once you create a procurement, you earn a commission out of these sales.

For example, Bluehost offers 65$, to begin with, on each sale an individual makes for them. that’s a One-Time payment that they create to you, during a response to a life-long client that you just gave to them.

How Do They Track The Sales You Make?

When you become their affiliate, they might offer you an avid affiliate link, that’s distinctive to you. once you share that together with your readers on your blog or anyplace online, and once someones click that link, they are redirected to Bluehost’s web site.

Now if the traveler purchases Bluehost’s hosting, you’d get AN email that you just created a sale!

That is a good moment! thus all of your sales area unit joined to your affiliate link and you get to check all the statistics and sources that brought you sale in your Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard.

How to Become Bluehost’s Affiliate?

You can merely head over to the subsequent link and signup for his or her affiliate program.

bluehost affiliate program signup

You’d see the subsequent kind that you just need to extra service. at that time you hit ‘Sign Up’ button and that is all. Your application then goes into approval mode. They’d retreat to, you via email once your application is approved.

Valid Website/Blog
make certain that you just have a sound website/blog computer address that you just need to place within the kind. This shows them that you have a significant on-line presence.
in the meantime your application is beneath approval, you have got to extra service form, that is needed to withdraw your earnings.

How to Withdraw Bluehost Affiliate Earnings?

You can withdraw your affiliate earnings via:

  1. Paypal
  2. WireTransfer (For higher incomes)
How Much will Bluehost supply Per Sale?

By default, Bluehost offers 65$ per sale that you just work them. Though, their area unit odd cases. They usually supply a lot of quantity per the sign on like 100-125$ per the sign on to restricted quantity of blogs that they feel would be able to bring back a lot of sales at the start.

Also, once you begin creating 5-10 sales per month, they might increase your per sale bounty to over 150-200$ +. you’ll request that to their client support and that they happy try this 🙂

Though they have to check the sales stats that you just created for them since few last months.

What it Takes to form 3500$ per Month With Bluehost?

Step #1 Increase per Sale Bounty (Optional/Request)

You can request their client support to extend you an initial bounty to 100$ per sale. (A straightforward request)

Step #2 attempt to create thirty-five sales per month. thirty-five sales = 3500$ per month. (With 100$ per sale).

To make thirty-five sales, you have got the subsequent options:

Use Your Blog

#1 Place Banners

You can use completely different banners on your blog as shown below. I am going to share my personal banners with the following screenshots that I exploit and conjointly their area unit a lot of free banners in Bluehost’s affiliate section that you just will use.

Bluehost Affiliate dashboard

You can attend Dashboard >> Banner Or Widgets and decide numerous banner styles you of assorted dimensions that you just feel would be appropriate for your blog.

#2 Write Bluehost Reviews

You can write top quality Bluehost reviews on your blog and use your affiliate links with within the post. A lot of guests would scan your blog, a lot of sign on would you get. typically on the average, you would like 100-150 readers to your blog post (that talks regarding Bluehost) to form a procurement.

Now you’ll try this maths. tho’ these numbers aren’t a surety. If you are into a relevant niche wherever folks would love to sign on to the new internet hosting, you would be shocked to check what percentage sales you’ll create simply.

#3 Write Instant Reviews On Sales

Bluehost usually sends the affiliates emails on numerous vacation occasions for large discounts that you just offer to your readers. On moments like Christmas, Black Friday, fourth Gregorian calendar month etc Bluehost sales area unitamazing!

Even like quite 60-70% off. SO by creating the foremost out of those sales, you’ll get an enormous spike in your affiliate sales by writing a fast blog post on these moments by providing your readers large discounts 🙂

#4 Use Google AdWord Ads To Drive to Your Landing Page

I’ve seen such a lot of folks creating the foremost out of Adwords ads to drive traffic to their blogs, that are literally meant to convert that traffic into the sales.

Though this will this may take quite some iterations to search out out the simplest ad banner that you just could use that may convert into your sales.

Be Aware
You can simply loose quite some cash on this one, as Google Adwords is pretty overpriced and you’ll simply loose quite some thereon if you do not have the foremost changing banners.


Hope these insights helped you out. notwithstanding you aim to form 1000$ with Bluehost, I might suggest you to initial set a goal. once you’d have a transparent goal in mind, you’ll work on it and build a lot of blog posts, a lot of video content to plug.

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