How to Start WordPress Blog The RIGHT WAY

Blogging could be a good way to specific yourself, create new friends, and earn some extra cash. And it’s very easy to induce started — albeit you’ve never tried blogging before. The secret is to begin straightforward. We’ve compiled all of our skilled recommendation and tips to Start WordPress Blog guide.

The guide below is weakened into five straightforward steps:

  1. Get the proper Hosting
  2. Pick the right name
  3. Set Up WordPress Quickly
  4. Create nice Content
  5. Build Traffic

Using our tips, you’ll save time and cash and obtain your new diary online quicker. You’ll conjointly find out how to draw in guests and create your diary a lot of visibility in search.

1. Choose a Web Hosting Service

There square measure many various ways in which to line up a website. comparison all the various hosting firms are often confusing. So keep it straightforward. simply attempt to use WordPress and notice a hosting company that supports it.

WordPress is that the web’s most well-liked CMS (content management system). It powers roughly two-hundredths of the websites that square measure active nowadays, and a large variety of these square measure blogs. It helps you to customize your layout, produce content, and expand your blog’s practicality over time. And you’ll be able to attain all this while not touching one line of code.

We conjointly love WordPress because:

  • It’s free for anyone to transfer
  • It’s very easy to put in
  • There are heaps of free facilitate online
  • It’s quick and secure
  • It helps you to induce started quickly.

So WordPress, at the side of an inexpensive shared hosting account, is that the excellent combination. several of the world’s most productive blogs were created in barely this fashion and still run on WordPress nowadays.

So currently you simply got to opt for an internet hosting company. We’ve created this half very straightforward.

#1 WordPress Hosting India

For all WordPress bloggers, we have a tendency to advocate BlueHost. It’s an ideal alternative for all new bloggers. And it’s been counseled by the manufacturers of WordPress since 2005, too. Bluehost’s shared hosting set up is cheap and permits many capabilities for your diary to grow. You get nice technical support. And it includes cPanel, that makes your hosting very easy to manage.

For example, you’ll need to form a minimum of one email address for your diary. perhaps you’ll need to maneuver it to a replacement host sometime. cPanel makes all of that basically straightforward to attain, albeit you don’t have any technical data.

Wordpress Hosting India

There’s a lot of excellent news for bloggers. Bluehost’s most cost-effective shared hosting set up offers WordPress as a one-click installer. simply notice the button in cPanel and click on it to form your new diary. It’ll be originated mechanically among a number of minutes.

Tip: Don’t worry an excessive amount of regarding pricey hosting and fancy options. Sure, you will like the next capability set up later. however, an inexpensive shared hosting set up with Bluehost has everything you wish to induce started.

2. Pick The Perfect Domain Name

Your name is extraordinarily necessary. It’s the primary purpose of contact that your audience can have along with your Blog. Inevitably, they’ll create snap judgments supported your name. thus you wish to induce this specifically right.

Both InMotion Hosting and Bluehost supply a free domain once you sign on to a shared hosting set up. thus you’ll be able to register your hosting and domain all at the identical time.

#Golden Rules For Domain Names

Before you act and choose a website, there square measure 3 golden rules you must follow:

  1. Your name should be unforgettable
  2. Your name should be simple to spell
  3. Your name should describe the theme of your diary, or establish your name.

For example, if you’re a frenzied collector of vintage guitars, would be a stronger match than It fulfills all of the standards we have a tendency to mentioned.

Incorporating keywords into your name will guide you to a lot of relevant words. Keywords square measure individual words or phrases that square measure closely associated with your niche. admit the words that individuals may use to look for your content, and bear them in mind once domain looking.

Avoid the temptation to cram in too several words. put one or 2 keywords in your domain may well be enough to administer your diary a lift in program results.

3. Set Up WordPress

WordPress Dashboard SidebarOnce WordPress is put in, you’ll receive associate degree email along with your username, password, and login computer address. act and log in. You’ll see that you just have access to a dashboard. This space provides you complete management over your Blog. you’ll be able to produce Pages, like your contact and “about me” page. And you’ll be able to produce Posts on your Blog.

The dashboard is additionally the control board for the diary (separate to cPanel, that is that the control board for your hosting account). The WordPress dashboard helps you to manage the layout, the practicality, and therefore the settings for your website.There square measure 2 fast work tasks you wish to require care of before you publish your first post:

  1. In the Settings space, visit Permalinks. amendment them from Plain to either “Day and name,” “Month and name,” or “Post name.” These permalinks can assist you to induce listed in search engines, as a result of your URLs can use keywords rather than numbers. this offers you a stronger probability of being indexed for relevant terms, which can drive traffic quicker.
  2. Also in Settings, underneath General, customise your diary web site Title and Tagline. On identical screen, you’ll be able to certify your email address is correct, simply just in case, you wish to reset your Password within the future.

#WordPress Themes


Your WordPress theme is incredibly necessary. It permits you to induce inventively and create your diary seem like home.

So: must you use a free theme? Here square measure the professionals and cons:

  • PROS: you’ll be able to switch between free themes as often as you wish, while not having to pay a penny. thus you’ll be able to seek several totally different color schemes and layouts. Free themes have all the essential practicality you wish for a diary. thus they’re a decent alternative once you’re simply beginning out.
  • CONS: you will notice that several alternative blogs square measure victimisation identical theme as you, which might create your diary look generic. If you’re building a whole, you don’t need to appear too inexpert. in addition, free themes generally don’t supply complete customization, which can be a lot of necessary to you as your diary gains traction. for instance, a premium theme can enable you to regulate much each facet of the layout. you may be less restricted by the theme defaults compared to a free theme.

So for beginners, free themes supply a lot of freedom to experiment, whereas premium themes supply a lot of options. however, you wish to be terribly certain that a premium theme is correct for you before you get it. New bloggers generally struggle to match one premium theme against another as a result of they don’t totally perceive the options nevertheless.

If you’re not accustomed victimisation WordPress, we have a tendency to advocate employing a free theme till you recognize that options touch you most. WordPress has its own repository of free themes. you’ll be able to install them right from your dashboard; simply click on “Appearance” then “Themes.”

#WordPress Plugins: Unleashing Your Blog’s Power

Plugins square measure extensions that add options to WordPress. They can create your diary even a lot of power by adding interactive options, making shortcuts, and group action your diary with third-party services. But you wish to use caution once longing for plugins to reinforce your diary.

Loading your diary with too several plugins could be sure thanks to slow it to a crawl. that might create it troublesome for your readers to navigate around your diary. And poorly coded plugins will introduce security risks on your diary. for instance, hackers could discover how to govern the plugin to send spam from your web site.

So for multiple reasons, you must solely install plugins that you just really want. And if you choose to prevent employing a plugin, you must delete it from your WordPress dashboard. each few months, review the plugins on your diary and delete any that aren’t being actively maintained.

It’s necessary to stay all of your plugins up-to-date as a result of previous plugins square measure a lot of at risk of security threats.

#Four Plugins You Definitely Need For Your Website

There square measure four key plugins that each diary ought to have, thus act and grab these for your diary promptly. On your dashboard, visit “Plugins” then “Add New.” you’ll be able to install these plugins from there.

  1. Akismet, to forestall your comments section being flooded by spam content (other anti-spam plugins square measure offered, like WP-SpamShield)
  2. Jetpack, that is developed by the WordPress team and adds several helpful options — like traveller stats
  3. WordFence, a security plugin that protects your WordPress diary against hacking and malware
  4. Yoast, that makes it very easy to optimize your diary for search engines.

4. Write a Good Content For a Website

Your content can offer you a fighting probability of gaining valuable traffic for your diary. And once the traffic starts to flow, your diary might become a profitable hobby — or a full-time job.

But if your content is average, you will not attract abundant traffic the least bit.

You need to be clear regarding what you wish to mention, and it helps to imagine United Nations agency your audience is going to be. choose a subject that you just square measure actually smitten by, and anticipate the requirements of your readers.

For example, if you propose to begin associate degree affiliate diary, you’ll get to write content that informs and educates consumers. You’ll need to inspire them to search out a lot of. If you choose to begin a STEM diary, you may favor inditing your analysis comes. In every case, you wish to search out the proper angle.

#Improve Your Writing Style

There’s no magic rule or formula which will confirm what your content ought to seem like. It depends on your niche, and what your passion is. To a degree, it depends on what your readers square measure longing for. Some blogs square measure regarding the instant. They specialize in breaking news and microorganism stories. These blogs gain plenty of traffic terribly before long when publication, and therefore the articles tend to be short and snappy.

Other blogs contain in-depth articles that square measure was written with longevity in mind. These articles tend to be longer, a lot of elaborate, and attract traffic over the long-run. Look at your competitors and appearance at the items they are doing well. attempt to notice gaps in their strategy, and take advantage of those opportunities.

#Create a Daily Routine That Works For You

Creating a schedule for your diary can assist you to induce some momentum. Scheduling is vital for 2 reasons:

  1. You need to encourage your readers to go to your diary often. Spacing out your posts ensures that there’s forever one thing new browser.
  2. Search engines tend to favor sites that square measure regularly updated with recent content. thus change on a daily basis might offer you associate degree SEO advantage too.

There’s no right or wrong frequency for business new posts. It depends on your topic, your audience, and your goals for the diary because it grows. however, despite however usually you update your diary, it’s a decent plan to an area out your posts, rather than business a bunch of recent content all at the identical time.

You don’t have to be compelled to sit down and write posts right before you wish them to travel live. WordPress incorporates an intrinsical computer hardware that helps you to pre-plan new entries in your diary.

This powerful feature provides you the liberty to plot an entire blogging schedule. you’ll be able to produce a content set up, write the posts prior to time, then publish them at regular intervals.

5. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Once you’ve got content au fait your web site, you’ll need to specialize in obtaining guests to your website. This isn’t as laborious as you think that. While you’ll be able to do all forms of promoting tricks, everything comes all the way down to promotion and ranking well within the search engines.

Thankfully, each promoting and SEO square measure coated extensively on this website, thus we’ve got many tips to guide you. And once you have got traffic, you will need to push your guests to buy your email list to stay them coming for a lot of.

#Social Media

Social Media Tricks

When selecting a website name, you wish an identical name on social media sites.

Registering on social networks can defend your name, and stop shady marketers from grabbing your name and victimization it for a rival website. thus attempt to get the precise same expression as your domain, or a really close variant.

Social networks drastically expand your blog’s reach. If you have got a presence on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you have got a stronger probability of obtaining found, thus you must be as well as them as a part of your blogging strategy.

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