What is especially important when comparing mattresses?

In addition to the four featured mattress types are now other forms of mattresses on the rise. These mattresses include, for example, the gel mattress: The viscous gel foam reacts as well as the viscose mattress to body heat but is independent of temperature, whereby pressure points are avoided. A high volume weight, which is associated with a high degree of longevity and quality, also speaks for the gel mattress, which is also recommended for people with back pain.

Before you familiarize yourself with the different mattress types, you should first deal with your own sleep exactly. Not every mattress is suitable for every person – it is, therefore, important to know the individual requirements before deciding on a particular mattress. These requirements include, for example:

  • sleeping position
  • mass
  • temperature sensation
  • allergies
  • orthopedics
  • sleep patterns

Of greatest importance in the comparison of the sleeping position and your own weight, because these factors decide which mattress is the right one and what degree of hardness should be selected. Thus, the mattress in a side sleeper must support other areas than a back sleeper, while the degree of hardness decides how deep the heavy areas of the body can sink.

In addition to the sleeping position and the weight, however, the temperature sensor is important: a spring mattress saves heat compared to a cold fluff mattress less – if you freeze easily at night, therefore, a spring mattress is not the right choice. Also, allergies and orthopedic conditions should also be considered in the search for the best mattress. If you have back pain, the mattress must support optimal and yield – in latex or house dust allergy is of course not well advised with a latex mattress or a dust-prone mattress.

Last but not least, one should also be able to assess one’s own sleeping behavior when looking for the best mattress: If you move too much during the night, you will need a different mattress than someone who hardly changes his position while sleeping. You can read reviews of Mattress Firm Tucson from our website.