What to consider if you want to buy a mattress in 140×200?

Since mattresses are sold in 140×200 so often, every mattress manufacturer has this size in the range and almost every mattress is also made in this size. Some mattresses are actually not manufactured in 120×200, but instead mattresses in 140×200. This also has the advantage that mattresses in 140×200 are also available with a core of almost any material: whether with pocket spring core, latex, cold fluff, comfort foam or gel mattress, with zones, as a rolled mattress with a special cover or incl. Topper – a mattress in 140 x 200 knows no bounds. Incidentally, a mattress in 140×200 is not only suitable for adults – but it is also always a good choice for children or youth rooms. Trendy furniture and a wide youth bed give the room a pleasant ambiance.

Zoning and density of the mattress in 140×200

It should be noted, however, that mattresses in 140×200, as well as all mattresses, which are designed for two people, wear out faster. Here you should definitely pay attention to a high density, so you have a long time to enjoy your mattress in 140×200 and many years can sleep well on it. A high volume weight also means that a mattress retains its shape for longer and does not form any cooling.

For a healthy spinal position, it is important that the 140×200 mattress has ergonomically designed zones. The different zones let lower body zones, which press more strongly on the mattress, sink deeper. Especially for side sleepers mattresses recommend in 140×200 with special shoulder zone, these zones prevent shoulder and neck pain, as they provide here for the proper.

Depending on the sleeping position, you benefit from different zones. Usually mattresses in 140 x 200 but now have 7 zones. But there are mattresses in 140 x 200 with 5 zones and a few mattresses that have no zones at all. In a cold fluff core, the zones are cut, milled or incorporated with inserts. An innerspring often uses differently hard springs in different zones. If you are looking for adjustable beds Washington Square, do visit our online store for the best collection

Side sleeper mattresses for a healthy lateral position

Are you also side sleepers? As different as the people are, as different are their sleeping habits. An important criterion when choosing the right mattress is the preferred sleeping position. This depends to a considerable extent on what features should show a good mattress. Whether as a side sleeper, supine or as a dormouse, nowadays many mattresses are developed in state-of-the-art sleep laboratories and tested in various lying positions and different body types and optimized with regard to individual requirements. While as a baby we still prefer to sleep on our backs or tummy, in the childhood and adulthood about 3 out of 4 people are siding sleepers and the lateral position is the sleeping position most frequently represented. If you are also a side-sleeper, here are some valuable tips to help you find or fix the right side-sleeper mattress: Is my side-sleeper mattress suitable?

Which mattresses are suitable for side sleepers?

Are you a true side sleeper and wondering how to sleep properly according to your sleeping position? With our tips and recommendations, you will soon find the right mattress for your sleeping position. There are some important features that a mattress side sleepers should offer. Many important criteria point to a good mattress, but not all are equally relevant to side sleepers. With these clues, you not only sleep safely but also very well, no matter which side and your body will thank you.

Side sleepers should pay particular attention to this:

  • Optimum body adaptation through an appropriate degree of hardness
  • Distribution of the lying area in zones (eg 7 zone mattress)
  • High point elasticity
  • Pressure relieving materials
  • Sufficient body support of the sensitive pelvis zone

A side sleeper mattress is recommended both with spring core and with cold fluff core. Which variant or material you prefer depends entirely on you. If you are undecided which mattress type you prefer, our guide on cold fluff or spring mattress will help you. Also, pressure-relieving Visco mattresses and gel mattresses for demanding sleepers with discomfort or scoliosis are beneficial, but a bit more expensive to buy. More information about Mattress Firm Scottsdale is available at our website.