Advantages of the latex mattress and For whom are the latex mattresses particularly suitable?

Latex mattresses bring with them a number of benefits that you can benefit from, provided you choose the right mattress. Basically, the latex mattresses are primarily convincing due to their high point elasticity, which is attributable to the complex manufacturing process. In addition, the excellent thermal insulation is one of the advantages of a latex mattress – but it can also be a disadvantage if you sweat a lot at night anyway.

Since the mattress core of a latex mattress is basically made of plastic, you do not have to be afraid of house dust or mite infestation of the mattress – especially for allergy sufferers, the latex mattresses are therefore particularly advantages. In addition, they are characterized by a high level of hygiene, excellent lying properties and longevity, which can be considerably extended by the proper care of the mattress.


  • High point elasticity
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Hygienic
  • Durable
  • No noise

For whom are the latex mattresses particularly suitable?

As we have already noted in the latex mattresses comparison, the hygienic mattresses are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers: Since the latex mattresses are not made of foam or other textile materials, they are considered antibacterial – skin mites can therefore not implant in the mattress at all. However, this does not apply to the cover and any existing edition – this is still comprehensive care and regular cleaning necessary.

In addition to allergy sufferers, heavy persons can also benefit from the advantages of a latex mattress: Latex reacts very elastically to stress, which is why the material is pleasantly counteracted heavyweight and is not overly dented. This also relieves the spine so that it does not put too much weight on it during sleep. Also for people with back pain and tension latex mattresses are therefore definitely recommended.

People who sweat excessively or freeze quickly should exercise particular caution: a natural latex mattress has good breathability, which is why it is a good place to spend the night when you are otherwise prone to heavy sweating. On the other hand, if you opt for a synthetically made latex mattress, you should not sweat too much, as the synthetic materials increase your body heat.

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